[KENNEDY] Plasma Tank - Standard

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 Plasma Tank for Kennedy 24 mm 3-post RDA

  • You are purchasing the glass portion only.
  • To use this product you will need to purchase a 24mm 3-post Kennedy RDA.
  • We also recommend purchasing a FlowRing from Captivape for Airflow Control.
  • This is an advanced product for use by people familiar with the many challenges and safety procedures involved in using rebuildable atomizers.  
  • Please research the special procedures involved in using the Plasma Tank for Kennedy 24mm before you use it.
  • Failure to do so will be your own fault.  No refunds will be given.  We assume no responsibility for your actions.


Special Wicking Instructions (Reference pictures and video above)

1) Throw your favorite build on the Kennedy 3 post 24mm RDA and wick as you normally would. 

2) Fan the wick out as shown.

3) Push the wick down forming a thin carpet around the perimeter of the deck floor.

4) Prime the wicks, fill with your favorite juice, install, and enjoy!

Note:   If you feel any resistance when you install the glass DO NOT force it.  Instead, remove the glass and check to see if you have given enough room for the inner chimney to clear the coils and cotton completely. If you have any further questions please visit us in the TrippyTips Collective group on Facebook, or e-mail us at TrippyTips@gmail.com. 

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